ECCV has released our 2022-23 Pre-Budget Submission. The submission calls on the Victorian Government to learn from the experiences and systemic gaps exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure our communities rebuild and recover equally.

We make 12 recommendations for a range of measures over the next four years, including specific support for migrant and refugee communities to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, mental health support and anti-racism initiatives.

People born outside Australia were overrepresented among deaths from COVID-19 and many people from migrant and refugee backgrounds have been disproportionately affected by job losses, business closures, racism, health concerns, mental health deterioration, family violence, educational disruption and isolation.

Our under-served communities have stepped up to face these challenges but multicultural and ethnic ethno-specific organisations are exhausted and under-resourced to keep delivering the work that has been expected from them during the pandemic.

ECCV is calling on the Victorian Government to recognise the value of the multicultural sector by committing to increasing the capacity of the sector on a longer-term basis to enable community organisations to continue to support communities to thrive.

Our Pre-Budget Submission also outlines the solutions we need to recover from COVID-19 and thrive for years to come and improve equity and inclusion across Victorian society.

We encourage all our members and multicultural sector stakeholders to share our submission and use this resource to promote the needs of people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, so that the next State Budget includes a strong commitment to supporting our communities.

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