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Who We Are

Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) is the peak body for migrant and refugee communities in Victoria. We work with more than 220 member organisations, including ethnic associations, multicultural service providers, and eight regional ethnic communities’ councils.

ECCV has been advocating for human rights, freedom, respect, equality and dignity for migrant and refugee communities, and for a socially cohesive and inclusive Victorian, community since 1974. We have a strong history of informing industry, practice and influencing federal, state and local governments to promote culturally responsive approaches, anti-racism, equitable access to services and socially just policy.

We are the Victorian representative council of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia (FECCA).



A culturally diverse and harmonious society that is just, fair and inclusive for all Victorians.



We are the voices of multicultural Victoria, strengthening and building our community through advocacy and leadership, and empowering people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.


Our Role

Our role is to influence and collaborate with government, business, community and individuals to support our vision.


Our Values

Our values guide the activities of our Board, staff, volunteers, and the organisations and communities with which we work.

We value all people and their diversity

We will act in a fair, transparent, honest and ethical manner

We uphold equal opportunity and human rights and reject all forms of racism and xenophobia

We are proactive, innovative and inspired by new ways of thinking

We believe in freedom for all and celebrate cultural diversity as our greatest asset

We strengthen and build capacity in our community through advocacy and leadership


What We Do

ECCV advocates and lobbies all levels of government on behalf of migrant and refugee communities across areas such as human rights, access and equity, and improving services. As our core business, we advocate on issues that are of concern to our members. We also help build the capacity of new and emerging communities, and develop policy on a wide range of issues by undertaking original research, often in collaboration with major tertiary institutions.

ECCV works with a diversity of partners, member organisations and stakeholders. In turn, our partnerships and projects inform our policy and advocacy work, which help to identify gaps in policy and services, and place lived experience and community voices at the centre of our work.


Our History

We are proud to have been the key advocate for migrant and refugee communities in Victoria since 1974.