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ECCV works with a range of partners to support community outreach and capacity building projects, with an emphasis on disability advocacy, ethnic seniors groups and elder abuse prevention. ECCV projects employ bicultural workers to help build connections and effectively reach vulnerable communities.

Our projects support and inform our policy advocacy work across the multicultural sector.

Aged Care Sector Support

ECCV is ensuring that older migrants and refugees access support services that help them with everyday living and other needs in a culturally appropriate way.


Anti-racism is a core tenet of ECCV’s work with one of our flagship projects being All One Together, which supports workplaces to advance their diversity and inclusion.

COVID-19 Outreach

Throughout the pandemic, ECCV has been informing and engaging with migrant and refugee communities on how to protect themselves and stay COVIDsafe.

Elder Abuse Prevention

For more than a decade, ECCV has been delivering community education on elder abuse prevention, and building capacity within Victoria’s multicultural communities to prevent and respond to elder abuse.

First Nations Advocacy

ECCV is leading the Victorian Multicultural Voices for ‘Yes’ campaign to inform and engage multicultural communities about the referendum and the importance of a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Intercultural Young Advocacy Leadership

The IYAL program is a pathway for young people from multicultural communities to develop and strengthen their advocacy, governance and leadership experience.

Multicultural Emergency Management Partnership

The Multicultural Emergency Management Partnership  is enhancing engagement between multicultural communities and emergency services to improve disaster resilience.

Multicultural Mental Health System Reform

ECCV is supporting the current reforms of Victoria’s mental health system to ensure migrant and refugee communities can access mental health support that is culturally safe, responsive and inclusive.

Multicultural Regional Emergency Preparedness & Response Program

Building on work that began during the COVID-19 pandemicECCV is helping to improve emergency response outcomes for regional multicultural communities.

Positive Ageing Information Sessions

ECCV is delivering information sessions to multicultural and ethno-specific seniors’ groups to empower older Victorians to know their rights and age well.

Speak My Language

As part of the national Speak My Language initiative, ECCV trained and supported a Victorian team of bilingual “Travellers” to produce in-language podcast episodes on living well with disability.

VicHealth Youth Partnership

ECCV is partnering with VicHealth to support young people from multicultural backgrounds to amplify their voices and engage with co-designed health solutions.

Recognising and Respecting Carers

ECCV is partnering with Carers Victoria to improve the health and wellbeing of carers in multicultural communities, and enhance their access to respite and other supports. 

Raise Our Voices

Through the delivery of community forums and training sessions, and the facilitation of peer-led networks, ECCV is empowering people with disability from multicultural communities to advocate for themselves.

Statewide Disability Network

Established by ECCV, the Network is a unique platform for people with disability from migrant and refugee communities to identify and address systemic gaps.