VicHealth Youth Partnership

ECCV has been selected as one of VicHealth’s partner organisations as part of Future Healthy, an exciting initiative to help create a healthier future for young Victorians.

Future Healthy is a statewide program to help improve young people’s health, making sure no young person is denied a future that is healthy – regardless of their postcode, bank balance, background or ability.

VicHealth and ECCV are working together to create and share opportunities to amplify voices, capture lived experiences and support co-design health solutions for and with children and young people aged up to 25.

ECCV is using our wide networks to connect young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds with a range of opportunities provided by VicHealth, including speaking engagements, intervention/solution design, media opportunities and grant assessments. We also share all opportunities for young people through our social media platforms and newsletters.

Future Healthy Champions

Danica Meas, an IYAL member and a Future Healthy Community Champion.

One of the first projects ECCV was tasked with was assisting VicHealth with the recruitment of the Future Healthy Community Champions, who are everyday Victorians from different backgrounds and areas, aged 18-25. Future Healthy Community Champions care about:

  • Creating neighbourhoods and spaces where people feel safe, welcome and confident to be physically active
  • Redefining how we think about healthy eating and access to delicious, affordable and culturally appropriate food
  • Building meaningful social connections and inclusive environments

This was a great opportunity for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, network and form meaningful connections. Danica Meas, a member of our Intercultural Young Advocacy Leadership program, was successful in her application and is currently a Community Champion.

Meet the other Future Healthy Community Champions here.