Intercultural Young Advocacy Leadership (IYAL) Group

    Ensuring the voices of young advocates have a platform for being heard and for participating in the improvement of public policy for future generations of culturally diverse community groups.

    The ECCV Intercultural Young Advocacy Leaders (IYAL) program is a pathway for young people from culturally diverse backgrounds to develop governance experience and join the ECCV board of directors. In 2018-19, ECCV ran a successful pilot of the IYAL program bringing together a diverse group of next-generation leaders who added another important voice for multicultural Victoria. During the four month pilot, the young advocacy leaders received awareness raising sessions to enhance their knowledge and skills of governance and leadership in our culturally diverse community. The Intercultural Young Advocacy Leaders (IYAL) program was officially launched on 23 May 2018 at Parliament House. As young people face mounting challenges and uncertainty due to COVID-19, the ECCV is working with relevant stakeholders to redevelop and relaunch the IYAL program in the coming months to address these new challenges and harness new opportunities to support and empower young people from CALD communities.



    IYAL Members

    Priority Areas:

    • Issues affecting culturally diverse young people

    • New approaches to advocacy

    • Youth Leadership


    Staff Support: Rashmi Kumar 


    Telephone: (03) 9354 9555