In partnership with Carers Victoria, ECCV is hosting an online forum on 4 April focusing on improving the wellbeing of carers from migrant and refugee backgrounds. 

According to Carers Australia, there are an estimated half a million unpaid carers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds across the country, making up a quarter of all unpaid carers. The real number, however, could be far higher.  

Many people provide support for a family member or friend without identifying as a carer and, as a result, do not access support services and financial assistance. Without appropriate support, there is a risk of carer burnout and stress that can inadvertently lead to elder abuse.  

The forum is part of ECCV’s Recognising and Respecting Carers project, which has been working with carer groups to identify hidden carers, connect them with support services, and build their capacity to support carers in their communities.  

Discussion will focus on who hidden carers are, the issues and challenges faced by carers in multicultural communities, access to culturally responsive support services, and what may lead to elder abuse in care relationships.  

We will be sharing some of the learnings from the project and our work with Carers Victoria to better engage with and improve the wellbeing of carers from migrant and refugee backgrounds.  

The forum is aimed at multicultural and ethno-specific organisations, as well as community-based groups supporting culturally diverse carers and their loved ones, particularly older carers.  

Speakers will be:

  • Judith Abbott Chief Executive Officer, Carers Victoria
  • Moreen Pakwan Carer Support Advisory Manager, Carers Victoria
  • Danielle Haulton Acting Director Seniors, Carers and Elder Abuse Reform, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
  • Emiliano Zucchi Chief Executive Officer, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria
  • Hayat Doughan Carer capacity Building project officer, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria
  • Randa Abboud Volunteer President, Arabic Women Seniors group.  

Recognising and Respecting Carers is being delivered in partnership with Carers Victoria, with funding from the Victorian Government.