Trailblazer is a word that Bruna Pasqua might not choose to describe herself, but her leadership across four decades in multicultural affairs certainly represents that.

    Awarded Life Membership at the ECCV’s Annual General Meeting on the 3rd December 2020, Bruna became the 8th person and 1st woman to receive this honour in the organisation’s 46 year history.

    “It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors bestow this honour on you, in recognition of your decades-long contribution to the ECCV as a Director and volunteer. You have been a consistent and steadfast leader in guiding us through countless challenges. Your contribution of time, effort and good judgement has made a positive difference in shaping the organisation that we are today,” said ECCV Chairperson Eddie Micallef.

    Bruna not only served as Secretary and Officer Bearer of the ECCV over many years, but has also contributed to multicultural community development as a Board Member of Co.As.It. and as Chairperson of the Victorian School of Languages. Similarly Bruna has had a stellar public sector career in the federal immigration portfolio.

    “I thank the Board of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria, and as always, I wish the ECCV every success in its future endeavours” said Bruna.

    The ECCV looks forward to organising a time in the near future when it can celebrate Bruna’s immense contribution in person.