The ECCV was honoured to have the new VMC Chairperson, Vivienne Nguyen, attend the ECCV Member Forum on 5 September 2019.

    The room was abuzz with energy and enthusiasm as ECCV’s valued members and stakeholders filled up Victoria Room at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre on Thursday.

    “It is so good to be here. We’ve done a lot of work with the ECCV in the past and it is a good opportunity to engage with other members,” said Rafaela Lopez from the United – Spanish Latin American Association.

    There were over 90 attendees, representing close to 50 organisations working with people from ethnic and multicultural backgrounds.

    The day started with a robust discussion on the advocacy priorities of the ECCV going forward. ECCV Board had previously identified “new & emerging communities”, “racism & discrimination”, “employment”, and “potential advocacy partnerships” as the future advocacy priorities for the ECCV.

    Participants discussed the key stakeholders, priority issues, and ECCV’s role in advocating for these issues within these themes.

    One attendee advised to have events like this more often as the event provided a platform to learn from others in the Multiculturalism and Diversity sector, while providing feedback to ECCV.

    The new Chair of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Vivienne Nguyen, addressed the gathering and thanked the audience for the very warm welcome that she was extended.

    “This is my second engagement as VMC Chair and I appreciate your support,” Nguyen said.

    The second half of the event was dominated by a panel discussion on ‘Is multiculturalism fraying? Challenges and opportunities’. The panel comprised of ECCV Intercultural Youth Advocacy Leader member, Mohammed Yassin; former chair of the VMC and ECCV, George Lekakis AO; and SBS Chairman Hass Dellal AO.

    The audience were eager to interact with the panelists and elaborate on their insights using personal experiences. Migration policy for people with a disability, funding for aged care and cultural association and festivals were some of the issues that were discussed, with a strong focus on agenda-setting for the future.

    To follow the conversations and discussions at ECCV’s 2019 Member Forum, follow the #ECCVMF2019 hashtag on Twitter.

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