Have you experienced racism? Do you have ideas for how we can address racism in our communities? If so, we want to hear from you. 

The Victorian Government is developing a new statewide Anti-Racism Strategy, and has partnered with ECCV to seek input from people from migrant and refugee backgrounds on what the Strategy should look like.

We are interested in hearing from people with lived experience of racism, and we encourage you to share your views on how we can address racism in our communities.

ECCV invites you to participate in online consultation sessions being held on 20 October at 6pm and 21 October at 2pm. The sessions will be run by an experienced facilitator to ensure a safe, confidential and inclusive space for all attendees. You will also be given the opportunity to provide written feedback.

ECCV will put together a short consultation report based on your views and perspectives, which will directly inform the Government’s Anti-Racism Strategy.