Community members experience racism in everyday life and in the way that society operates, according to a new ECCV report on lived experience of racism.

In October 2021, ECCV held consultations with community members with lived experience of racism to help inform the Victorian Government’s forthcoming Anti-Racism Strategy. ECCV developed a consultation report that includes recommendations about how the Anti-Racism Strategy should be designed, resourced and implemented.

Despite significant progress, racism continues to have a negative impact on mental health, well-being, and equal participation in society. In the context of Australia’s history of colonisation, racism adds a layer of disadvantage that locks people from social and economic opportunities and undermines feelings of belonging.

To make a valuable impact, Victoria’s Anti-Racism Strategy must be resourced in the long-term and include measures that promote racial equity, social inclusion and accountability. Preventative measures are also needed to educate young people about racism, improve our understanding of the contexts in which it occurs and to strengthen the capacity of multicultural communities to address its harms.

Racism ultimately harms society as a whole. We must take action to address it together for the benefit of all Victorians.