ECCV has made a submission to the Federal Government’s Multicultural Framework Review. 

We believe that this Review has the potential to begin a significant new chapter in Australia’s multicultural story. 

The Review is assessing and make recommendations on the institutional arrangements, legislative and policy settings required to meet the current and future needs of multicultural Australia. 

Our submission, which is informed by consultations with key stakeholders and members, makes 26 recommendations across key areas, including social justice, employment, health, citizenship, and First Nations advocacy. 
Chief among these is that multicultural policy should be at the heart of Federal Government decision-making. ECCV recommends that this should be achieved through the creation of a standalone Office for Multicultural Australia, with a Minister for Multicultural Affairs in Cabinet, to embed multiculturalism into whole-of-government policy, service design and delivery. 

ECCV also recommends that the Government lead intergovernmental and community consultation to create a new national Multicultural Act. 

It is time for the Government to reaffirm its commitment to multiculturalism and diversity, show leadership and promote a vision for a progressive, inclusive Australia. 

ECCV welcomes this opportunity to make a submission to the Multicultural Framework Review and acknowledges the efforts of the Review Panel and Reference Group. 

We look forward to working with the Government and other relevant bodies in implementing the findings of this Review and together creating a stronger multicultural Australia. 

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