ECCV has made a submission to the Inspector-General of Aged Care, which monitors progress in implementing improvements to the aged care system.

The Inspector-General is monitoring how the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission are being implemented. At this point feedback was requested about how easy or hard it is to access and navigate the aged care system.

Building on research, policy analysis and project work by ECCV, the submission was informed by a survey ECCV conducted of organisations working in the aged care space. These organisations included ECCV members, members of our Positive Ageing and Aged Care Policy Advisory Committee (PAACPAC), and the Access and Support (A&S) Network which is also convened by ECCV.  

According to survey respondents, the aged care system has not noticeably improved for people from culturally diverse backgrounds both in general terms, and in relation to the accessibility and ease of navigating the system.

The respondents said that older people from multicultural backgrounds require services that are culturally appropriate and in their preferred language, with no extra cost for being communicated with in ways that can be understood. This is necessary for older people to participate in decision making about their own lives.

Respondents believed that services should be embedded in grassroots, culturally-relevant and trusted organisations, and that smaller ethno-specific agencies need support and resources to adapt and respond to the aged care reform agenda to ensure these valuable services remain available to older people from migrant backgrounds. 

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