ECCV has made a submission to the Department of Home Affairs’ review into A Migration System for Australia’s Future​. The submission highlights how Australia’s migration system has become progressively more complex over recent years, making migration a lengthy and arduous process, and diminishing Australia’s status as a migration destination of choice. An increasing focus on migrants as economic units and wealth creators risks making migration a purely transactional process that dehumanises those who undergo it.

The recommendations in our submission are intended to ensure that migrants are seen not only as filling the short-term needs of the nation, but as future assets across all layers of society.

In particular, our submission highlights how the scourge of exploitation of migrant workers can be reduced through the introduction of stronger protection measures, changes to visa conditions, and investment in community education. We also provide recommendations on how to better support migrants choosing to settle in regional Australia, enhance the level of English language training and instruction that migrants receive, and improve the processes through which overseas skills and qualifications are recognised so that migrants can work in the roles for which they are most suited and qualified.

We look forward to supporting the government in implementing the recommendations contained in this submission.