ECCV was proud to be part of the national launch of the Speak My Language – Disability podcast series in Sydney on 17 October, celebrating cultural diversity and disability inclusion.

Congratulations to everyone across Australia who contributed to this fantastic initiative, led by the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW and funded by the Department of Social Services. 

Together, we have produced 400+ podcasts in 22 languages, featuring people from culturally diverse backgrounds sharing stories, experiences, and tips about living well with a disability. This includes more than 100 podcasts by our Victorian team.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their stories to help produce this groundbreaking series, including those who told their stories anonymously due to stigma and discrimination about disability

The launch included a panel of SML participants who shared their stories and spoke about the importance of being heard and represented, including Melbourne-based Rocca Salcedo, who started Victoria’s first para-dance group DANCE & ROLL, and Yousif Assifari, former coordinator of ECCV’s Raise Our Voice project. 

In this video, Yousif explains the value of self-advocacy.

You can now listen to and share these fantastic podcasts below