Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors have isolated themselves to stay safe from COVID-19. While vaccine uptake among older people is high, a significant number continue to struggle with misinformation and hesitancy, and remain unvaccinated and at risk.

A high proportion of people hospitalised due to COVID-19 are unvaccinated and aged over 60. As we face the current Omicron outbreak and future variants, it remains critical to engage and support people in at-risk groups to get vaccinated right up to their third dose.

ECCV is proud to present our “Protecting Our Communities,” a 15-language video series featuring inspiring leaders and trusted voices from Victoria’s diverse migrant and refugee communities. The videos include heartfelt personal stories of how they were able to overcome misinformation and hesitancy and play an important role in informing, supporting and protecting seniors in their communities.

Each story focuses on how they responded to community concerns, why they chose to get vaccinated, and advice about staying safe. Their stories are a powerful tool to inform and encourage the older people in our lives to boost their protection against COVID-19 by getting vaccinated and continuing to follow safe practices as we adjust to living with COVID. While the videos are aimed at seniors, the message is universal and timely.

All videos are in-language with both English and in-language subtitles available. Below, you will find stories in Arabic, Cantonese, Chaldean, Dari, Dinka, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Macedonian, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish and Vietnamese.

This series was produced in partnership with Think HQ, with support from the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. Thank you to all who generously shared their experiences and insights to help keep the vulnerable in our communities safe.

We invite you to share these compelling videos with your networks, so we can reach everyone across our diverse communities.

Watch Randa’s story in Arabic with subtitles in
English | Arabic

Watch Nouria’s story in Dari with subtitles in
English | Dari

Watch Reeta’s story in Hindi with subtitles in
English | Hindi

Watch Reeta’s story in Punjabi with subtitles in
English | Punjabi

Watch Norminda’s story in Tagalog with subtitles in
English | Tagalog

Watch Vincent’s story in Cantonese with subtitles in
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

Watch Lem’s story in Dinka with subtitles in
English | Dinka

Watch Sauro’s story in Italian with subtitles in
English | Italian

Watch Rafaela’s story in Spanish with subtitles in
English | Spanish

Watch Nihat’s story in Turkish with subtitles in
English | Turkish

Watch Dalal’s story in Chaldean with subtitles in
English | Chaldean

Watch Sotiris’ story in Greek with subtitles in
English | Greek

Watch Kire’s story in Macedonian with subtitles in
English | Macedonian

Watch Fartun’s story in Somali with subtitles in
English | Somali

Watch Cam’s story in Vietnamese with subtitles in
English | Vietnamese

Special Thanks to:

Randa Abboud, Sauro Antonelli, Nihat Aslan, Lem Baguot, Fartun Farah, Norminda Forteza, Sotiris Hatzimanolis, Vincent Li, Rafaela Lopez, Cam Nguyen, Reeta Verma, Nouria Salehi, Dalal Sleiman, Kire Stankovski. Ed Connelly, Grace Quinn, Jessica Billimoria and the team at Think HQ and Project Manager, Victoria Kyriakopoulos.

Afghan Australian Development Organisation, Alevi Community Council of Australia, Arabic Women’s Seniors Group – Dandenong North, Australian Chaldean Family Welfare, Australian Filipino Community Services, Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association, East African Women’s Federation, Northern Health, United-Spanish Latin American Welfare Centre.

Thanks also to: Berhan Ahmed, Chris Anastassiades, Ada Chan, Chris Christoforou, Hayat Doughan, Khalid Farah, Tonina Gucciardo-Masci, Lisa Li, Mike Masilamani, Diana Mastrantuono, Suzan Saka, Shivani Sharma, Xiaoran Shi, Rosita Vincent, Emiliano Zucchi.