Speak My Language

    Speak My Language (Disability) is a national initiative that involves culturally diverse Australians sharing real stories, experiences and tips about living well with disability.

    Using the power of storytelling, via podcasts, radio broadcasts and online, Speak My Language interviews will feature people living with disability talking about how to use personal skills, talents and find community resources to support them to live well.  Additional interviews with guest speakers from government, community groups, businesses and others will provide up-to-date information about accessible and inclusive places, activities, and opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy. 

    Interviews delivered in 25 community languages will be available for free download and will include contact details on where and how to access everyday community resources.

    Speak My Language (Disability) is funded by Commonwealth Department of Social Services and is proudly delivered via an historic partnership between all State and Territory Ethnic and Multicultural Communities’ Councils across Australia. It will be rolled out over 2021 and 2022.

    ECCV is currently recruiting “Travellers” to conduct interviews and produce podcasts for the program. We are looking for people with disability from CALD communities to tell their story and guest speakers who can share information about inclusive places, activities or opportunities or give information about upholding the rights of people with disability. 

    For information contact Osman Ali Mohamed – Victorian Coordinator, Speak My Language at oalimohamed@eccv.org.au 

    Tell your story about living well with disability 

    Tell your story about living well with disability 

    ECCV is currently looking for people with disability and guest speakers who speak Maltese, Somali and Oromo to be interviewed for the Speak My Language program. Speak My Language is producing a series of podcasts, radio broadcasts and online content in more than 25...

    Hiring “Travellers” for SML Interviews

    Hiring “Travellers” for SML Interviews

    ECCV is looking to hire people with lived experience of disability from CALD and Indigenous communities to undertake interviews with guest speakers and produce podcasts, broadcasts or videos for the Speak My Language (SML) program. SML involves CALD and Indigenous...