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The Multicultural Emergency Management Partnership (MEMP) was established with the support of VCOSS and ECCV in 2021 to strengthen partnerships between multicultural communities, government and the emergency management sector.

The MEMP works to strengthen multicultural communities’ resilience to emergencies and to strengthen the emergency management sector’s ability to engage and work with multicultural communities. 

Membership of the MEMP includes a range of community representatives as well as representatives form the emergency management sector. 

In 2022-23, ECCV supported the MEMP to develop a governance structure to enable it to continue its work strengthening relationships and embedding a long-term, inclusive approach to emergency management. 

Today, the MEMP is an independent, community-led entity auspiced by Neighbourhood Collective Australia and governed by a Terms of Reference. 

The MEMP is co-chaired by one representative of multicultural communities and one representative of the emergency management sector, and is funded by the Victorian Government through the Multicultural Emergency Management Initiative.  

Multicultural Emergency Management Partnership Model

The MEMP co-designed a Partnership Model which provides a framework for ongoing collaboration between the emergency management sector and multicultural leaders and connectors. 

What is the MEMP project?
What is community leadership?

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To find out more about MEMP, contact MEMP Project Coordinator,
Linto Thomas:


Need help?

In an emergency please call 000.

This is a free call from all phones, and will connect you with police, fire or ambulance.

If you have difficulty speaking English, you can ask for an interpreter.

You will not have to pay for the interpreter.


The Multicultural Emergency Management Partnership (MEMP) is funded
by the Victorian Government.