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Through partnerships with government agencies and community organisations, ECCV is leading the Multicultural Emergency Management Initiative to support migrant and refugee communities across the state to prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies.  

The two-year project, funded by Emergency Recovery Victoria, is centred around various activities aimed at building capacity of multicultural communities, and a stronger understanding and practices of engagement and communication between emergency services and multicultural communities before, during, and after emergencies.  

Project objectives

  • Improving engagement with emergency services
  • Training community leaders
  • Co-designing emergency resources and messaging
  • Preparing communities for future emergencies

Project activities

  • Delivering masterclasses for multicultural community leaders
  • Supporting the continued implementation of regional multicultural working groups through regional ethnic communities councils and peak bodies
  • Delivering a knowledge-sharing forum for community, community organisations, and emergency services
  • Co-designing communications resources and community engagement
  • Supporting and resourcing the Multicultural Emergency Management Partnership (MEMP); a state-wide partnership established during COVID-19, bringing together multicultural community leaders and leaders from emergency management services.


Special Advisor

Andrew Crisp - Former Emergency Management Commissioner

Andrew Crisp APM is an honorary advisor for the Multicultural Emergency Management Initiative. He has been involved in responses to a number of major incidents, such as the Ash Wednesday Bushfires, the 2009 Victorian Bushfires, Christchurch earthquake, Queensland floods, and the 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires.

Supporting regional communities
in emergency response

Following the October 2022 floods, ECCV worked with Victoria’s regional ethnic councils and peak bodies to support affected communities and integrate multicultural communities into local emergency management responses for future emergencies. The Multicultural Emergency Management Initiative builds on this work to further support regional ethnic councils in their work to promote emergency preparedness. 

Further Information

To find out more about ECCV’s work, contact:

Phone: (03) 9354 9555


The Multicultural Emergency Management Initative (MEMI) is funded by the Victorian Government.