Governance is the strategic guidance provided by a group of elected representatives who are tasked with the responsibility of leadership. 

    The board of directors are the governance group who lead the policy advocacy, act as public figures and demonstrate the values the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria and the not-for-profit and multicultural sectors. 

    Statement of Purposes, Extract from the Constitution

     3.1 To act as the representative body in Victoria for multicultural and ethnic communities and advocate for the formulation of government policies that will contribute in the alleviation
    of social disadvantage and injustice.

    3.2 To encourage the full participation of Victoria’s multicultural and ethnic communities within the social, economic, political and cultural life of Australia.

    3.3 To assist with the advancement of community language education and support of related educational facilities for ethnic and refugee groups.

    3.4 To plan for and assist with the relief of the needs of refugees and the ethnic aged.

    3.5 To encourage the maintenance and preservation of the languages, traditions and cultures of Australia’s diverse community.

    3.6 To promote the positive aspects of multiculturalism and cultural diversity to the Victorian community.

    Board of Directors 2019 – 2021

    Officers of the Council

    Eddie Micallef – Chairperson

    Jill Morgan AM – Deputy Chairperson

    Jenny Semple – Deputy Chairperson

    Marion Lau OAM JP – Secretary

    Zeynep Yesilyurt – Treasurer

    Board Directors 

    Abiola Akinbiyi

    Bruna Pasqua

    Cr Kris Pavlidis

    Dr Sundram Sivamalai JP

    Jenny Matic

    Joseph Caputo OAM JP MAIDC

    Mohammed Yassin

    Parsu Sharma-Luital JP

    Simon Jedwab


    Past chairs 

    Cr Kris PAVLIDIS2017 – 2019
    Eddie MICALLEF2013 – 2017
    Joe CAPUTO OAM JP2011 – 2013
    Sam AFRA JP2007 – 2011
    Phong NGUYEN2003 – 2007
    Marion LAU OAM JP (Acting Chair, then elected Chair)2001 – 2003
    George LEKAKIS AO1997 – 2001
    Victor BORG1991 – 1997
    Maurice CAUCHI1989 – 1991
    Anne ECKSTEIN (Acting Co-chair)1988 – 1989
    Wellington LEE OAM, OBE (Acting Co-chair)1988 – 1989
    Anthony BONNICI1983 – 1988
    Walter LIPPMANN1975 – 1983

    Governance Resources