Representing Australian Croatian Community Services

    I have had the honour and privilege to serve on the ECCV Board for one term and am respectfully seeking your support to be elected in this round of elections to continue to serve. I am Croatian-born and migrated to Australia in 1970 as a young girl with my family. We came with no money, no English, and no family or friends to greet us at the airport and take us under their wing. But we did come with big hopes for a better future, and a willingness to work hard.

    This story of migration is very much like many of yours. I remember the challenges, hardships, missed opportunities and joys well; over my family’s 50-year journey of migration. I am passionate about and committed to making the path of those who follow easier.

    The ECCV, as the peak body for the multicultural community in Victoria embodies that task. It advocates for solutions to barriers and challenges, advocates for opportunities, advocates for equality in access to services open to multicultural communities to empower and play a part in the success of those making their way along their personal migration journeys.

    My values and those of the ECCV are perfectly aligned and is why I am committed to continuing to serve.

    To this task I bring my experience and personal networks as a small business owner, a senior public servant, a Senior Ministerial advisor, an Executive Director of a national aged care peak body, more than 20 years’ experience as a non-executive director (not-for-profit), and a former Victorian Multicultural Commissioner.

    It is right that we work together to help others individually and through the ECCV, and is why I would be honoured to put my skills and passion to use as a Board Member of the ECCV and humbly seek your vote.