ECCV is pleased to present our Pre-Budget Submission for the 2024-25 Federal Budget. This submission draws upon our earlier 2024-25 Pre-Budget Submission which made key funding recommendations at both state and federal levels.  

This is the first time ECCV has made a submission to the Federal Budget. Given the Australian Government’s current review of the national Multicultural Framework, ECCV has identified new priority areas in which the government can make targeted investments to build the resilience of multicultural communities nationwide. 

Central to this submission are recommendations to support multicultural communities to deal with the rising cost-of-living. Many people from migrant and refugee backgrounds are experiencing high levels of financial stress. Vulnerable migrant and refugee communities must be assisted with support packages, and through expanded subsidies and measures that increase their capacity to access relief. 

ECCV also emphasises the importance of longer-term funding for organisations working in these areas, to enable sustainable programs and long-term community engagement, and provide certainty to service providers and end the cycle of constant funding applications. 

Through the recommendations contained in this submission, ECCV looks forward to continuing our work with the government and our partners in the multicultural and community sectors to build a stronger and more inclusive multicultural Australia. 

Summary of Key Recommendations
  • Equipping migrant and refugee communities to respond to natural disasters and emergencies, and improve the cultural responsiveness of emergency services. 
  • Supporting initiatives to confront racism and extremism, promoting community harmony, boosting the capacity of communities to confront racism and extremism, and building multicultural infrastructure. 
  • Strengthening relationships between multicultural and First Nations communities. 
  • Improving inclusion, equity and advocacy for people with disability from refugee and migrant backgrounds. 
  • Securing the rights of migrant workers by providing community education and casework support to those affected by workplace exploitation. 
  • Helping multicultural communities prepare for the impacts of Artificial Intelligence. 

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