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ECCV offers free training to enable people to deliver information sessions in their community to increase understanding of elder abuse and provide information about support services.

The Elder Abuse Prevention Community Education program equips participants with training and dedicated culturally-appropriate resources in a range of community languages.

On completion, ECCV supports them to work with a range of seniors’ organisations and community groups to raise awareness, help prevent elder abuse and safeguard the rights, dignity and independence of older people.

The two-day training is held online and in-person. For more information please contact eccv@eccv.org.au.

What’s involved?
  • A commitment to deliver two or more community education sessions per year to groups of older people in your community
  • A commitment to complete the evaluation form and return them to ECCV following each session
  • Completing a Self-Assessment and Registration Form with your previous experience and skills prior to attending
How will I be paid?

If you are a volunteer/casual, you will be paid a fee covering preparation, travel and delivery of the information session. An invoice to ECCV will be required. If you are conducting sessions as a paid worker with an ethno-specific organization, ECCV will reimburse your organisation for your time. An invoice will be required. 

Who is ECCV looking for?

ECCV is looking for bilingual community educators fluent in English and a community language, with experience in public speaking and/or communicating with older people. Past or current work in human services is desirable. Community leaders are encouraged to apply.

Meet Hayat: Community Educator

Hayat Doughan was familiar with the problem of elder abuse, having observed it both in her own community as well as through her work as a case manager and community development worker in the family violence prevention sector.

Hayat undertook ECCV’s Elder Abuse Bicultural Community Educator Training because she wanted to identify pathways to help people experiencing elder abuse in her community.

She delivers educations sessions to seniors groups, as well as carer groups.

Further Information

To find out more about ECCV’s work in elder abuse awareness and prevention, contact ECCV.

Phone: (03) 9354 9555 Email: eccv@eccv.org.au 


Funded by the Victorian Government.