My name is Ring Mayar, President of the South Sudanese Community Association in Victoria (SSCAV) Inc. I am confident that I will make a valuable contribution to the ECCV. I am pleased to nominate myself for the ECCV Board position.

    South Sudanese Australians are experiencing many difficulties such as discrimination and adverse media reporting. I have extensive grass-roots knowledge of the challenges they face with housing, unemployment, learning English, cultural integration, parenting and family violence. My induction to the ECCV Board would allow me to share my insights and practical experience with other Board members, and communities at their localities.

    Being a Board member will give me the chance to do extensive networking with other Board members and experts. I hope to learn from other experts and professionals about ways of advancing my Community Association. It has not been easy for the South Sudanese community members to integrate into broader society. We are always on the back foot.

    I love so many aspects of the work ECCV does, however, my favorite part is being able to advocate and develop a policy to make a positive change to Victoria’s ethnic communities.