An empowering, engaging, community and academic leader always supporting to the next level. A tireless leader, believing in equitable, fair access and treatment of all (respect).  Highly knowledgeable about recent metropolitan and regional settlements. Operates with exceptionally high-level advisory, advocacy, collaborative relationship, and management skills of cross-cultural capacity building and partnerships enhancements.

    Has made significant contributions to emerging communities’ settlement Australia, higher education knowledge delivery, and research, development, and student career pathways all done with shared vision and strategy. He is an expert in engaging and maintaining institutional networks, research and community development aimed at driving sustainable knowledge growth, capacities development, knowledge creation, enhancement and sharing, social/policy reforms, effective and efficient services deliveries as a change agent.

    An experienced international higher educator, multicultural community stakeholders-ship manager, delivering innovation, operating with good collaborative relationship management and business facilitation skills.  A La Trobe University graduate, PhD Business Management and a Therapeutic Counsellor.