Statement from ECCV Chair on Humanitarian Situation in Gaza

Oct 26, 2023

We are deeply concerned by the ongoing situation in Gaza, which has led to the devastating loss of lives, the displacement of families and communities, and the widespread destruction of homes and infrastructure. Just as we condemned Hamas for its October 7 attacks and the taking of Israeli hostages, we condemn the Netanyahu government for its attacks on innocent Palestinians in Gaza, which has resulted in the deaths of civilians.

Our hearts break for everyone affected by this humanitarian crisis, and we join calls for all parties to abide by international law and not only protect civilian lives, but ensure that food, fuel, clean water, electricity and aid can reach those who need it.

There is no doubt that this unfolding crisis in Israel and Gaza has caused immense suffering for many here in Victoria, and our thoughts are with all those who are hurting and grieving. 

ECCV remains committed to supporting our multicultural and multifaith communities to come together in unity and understanding. During these difficult times, it is imperative that we keep up our efforts to foster respectful dialogue, and protect the democratic right to peaceful protest.

We cannot allow the unfolding events to fracture the social cohesion and harmony that is one of Victoria’s greatest strengths. It is essential that we all do our part to nurture our shared values of respect, dignity and inclusion.

While we recognise the complexity of the ongoing situation in Gaza and the broader history of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, our position is simple: we condemn all violence against civilians, and hope for a lasting resolution that sustains peace and stability in the region. 

There are no winners in war. This is a humanitarian crisis of unspeakable proportions, and ECCV is steadfast in its resolve to work with and support all communities affected by this crisis.


Eddie Micallef
ECCV Chairperson

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