We are delighted to present our Annual Report 2022-23.

For our state and our communities, this was a year of transition. As Victoria moved out of pandemic mode, shifting focus to recovery, it was a chance to draw breath and renew our commitment to tackling ongoing inequalities, many of them made worse during the turbulence of the COVID years.

Our work over the past year was immense. So too was demand for our support and expertise. We’re hearing more and more from organisations wanting to ensure greater diversity and representation, and communicate more effectively, and relying on ECCV for leadership and guidance.

Working with our members and communities, we’ve conducted research, surveys, focus groups and consultations on a range of issues, from public transport to climate change to mental health.

All of this was underpinned by ECCV’s commitment to ensuring the voices of multicultural Victorians are not only heard, but listened to. As we turn our attention to next year, that remains our promise and our driving purpose.

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