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ECCV has a long history of advocating for better health and wellbeing outcomes for older people from migrant and refugee backgrounds across Victoria. In the past few years, our work has focused on supporting seniors in our diverse communities to protect themselves from COVID-19 and to safely navigate the pandemic. This work has involved holding COVID-19 information sessions to engage with and inform older people from migrant and refugee backgrounds as well as working with various community leaders to produce our in-language video series on COVID safety called ‘Protecting Our Communities.’

Improving health and wellbeing outcomes for older people from multicultural communities has been a key priority for ECCV’s Positive Ageing and Aged Care Policy Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC has lent its expertise to a range of ECCV’s policy publications and submissions, including a joint 2022 report co-written with Diabetes Victoria that explores effective strategies for chronic disease prevention among multicultural seniors.

Latest Publications & Submissions

Support services for seniors

There are a range of subsidised services available to support older people to maximise their health and wellbeing. You can find more detailed information about the services available via MyAgedCare. Please check with your local services to confirm the speciality aged services they offer. These may include: 


  • Allied and other health services through local Community Health Centres 
  • Dementia support 
  • Continence assistance 
  • Dental 
  • Hospital discharge outreach 
  • Mental health 


  • Assistive technology and home modifications 
  • In-home respite care 
  • Financial support 
  • Independent living 
  • Residential living 
  • Residential respite care 

Wellbeing and participation 

  • Home help and domestic support services 
  • Information services 
  • Palliative care 
  • Social support 
  • Transport 

Browse information and resources on health and wellbeing in your language

Health Translations is an initiative of the Victorian government, which offers a free online library of high-quality translated information and resources on health and wellbeing.

There are more than 28,000 resources currently available on the website, and they are regularly reviewed to ensure quality and accuracy.

You can find information on physical as well as mental health and wellbeing. Some of the topics covered include falls prevention, COVID-19, dealing with trauma and grief, how to take care of yourself in extreme heat, and palliative care.

In-language COVID-19 video series

In early 2022, ECCV produced “Protecting Our Communities,” a 15-language video series featuring COVID-19 stories from Victoria’s diverse migrant and refugee communities. The videos tell the heartfelt personal stories of community leaders who were able to overcome COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and hesitancy, and play an important role in supporting seniors in their communities. 

Each story focuses on how these community leaders responded to community concerns, why they chose to get vaccinated, and advice about staying safe. Their stories are a powerful tool to inform and encourage the older people in our lives to boost their protection against COVID-19 by getting vaccinated and continuing to follow safe practices as we adjust to living with COVID-19.

Find up-to-date COVID-19 information for seniors here.

Useful links & resources

ECCV has gathered the following websites to help you learn more about better health and wellbeing outcomes:

Further Information

To find out more about our work supporting seniors health and wellbeing, contact us below.

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