Intercultural Young Advocacy (IYAL) Group

The Intercultural Young Advocacy Leaders (IYAL) program is a pathway for young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds to develop advocacy, governance and leadership experience. The two-year program also provides ECCV with advice and input on matters affecting CALD youth in Victoria, adding another important voice for multicultural Victoria.

IYAL is a sub-committee of the ECCV Board which helps connect ECCV with CALD young people across Victoria, while developing future leadership pathways within and between ECCV members. 

ECCV ran a successful pilot of the IYAL program in 2018-19, bringing together a diverse group of 12 next-generation leaders aged 21 to 30. During the four-month pilot, the group received awareness-raising sessions to enhance their knowledge and skills of governance and leadership in our culturally diverse community. After a hiatus in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is back in 2021.

Through a rigorous recruitment phase in early 2021, ECCV selected 12 young people with an interest in developing their experience in leadership and helping their communities. The IYAL group will help co-design the program to best reflect their needs and interests when it comes to leadership and advocacy. They will participate in workshops, training sessions and networking events throughout the two-year program. The participants will also interact and provide feedback to the ECCV board.

Meet our Intercultural Young Advocacy Leaders

Abijok Dhuol

Abijok is of South Sudanese heritage and was born in Australia. She is committed to multiculturalism and actively participates in cultural groups and ethnic associations.

Chadani Karki

Chadani is of Nepalese heritage, and holds a Master’s degree in social work and a Bachelor’s degree in law. She is a strong advocate for human rights and social justice.

Danica Meas

As a leader, Danica strives to contribute to an inclusive and equal future where diverse youth can not only feel accepted in Australia, but wherever they are in the world.

Dushyanthy Govender

Dushyanthy is of Indian heritage and hails from South Africa. She joined IYAL because she is passionate about helping fellow multicultural youth in regional Australia.


Emmanuela Amos

Emmanuela is a dual citizen of Nigeria and Australia, who is currently working in the public sector. She is a recent graduate of Latrobe University, where she majored in finance and accounting.

Jamal Elsheikh

Jamal is an award-winning engineer, entrepreneur, consultant and business owner whose interest in the social impact space comes from growing up as a third culture kid in over 13 countries.

Jermaine Lemalu

Jermaine is of Samoan heritage and hails from New Zealand. He is passionate about working alongside CALD communities and believes IYAL will be an awesome opportunity to meet like-minded young people who also want to be a voice for their community.

Liaqat Ahmadi

Liaqat is a member of the Afghan-Hazara community. During his short time in Australia, he has become involved in several organisations, taking on various leadership roles.

Matin Ayubi

Matin is a member of the Baháʼí Faith, who is actively involved in organising intercultural and interfaith events with the aim of promoting dialogue. He is currently completing his post-graduate studies in clinical psychology. 

Martin Isidro

As a second-generation Filipino-Australian, Martin is passionate about how the migrant experience can influence health outcomes in Australia. This interest led him to complete a Masters of Public Health and informs his work as a data analyst.

Naomi Diniz Farinazzo

Naomi is an urban planner and social change advocate. As a Brazilian immigrant and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Naomi believes that empowerment and the liberation of communities are key to social change.

Sema Nur Bolat

Sema is of Turkish heritage and is currently studying cyber security. For Sema, volunteering is a way to interact with her community and advocate for their needs.