Kenny Tran is a young advocacy leader who is an active participant of the Intercultural Young Advocacy Leaders Program (IYAL) under the ECCV.

    Kenny has recently planned and hosted a youth forum along with his IYAL peers. The Why We Matter: Voices of Young People in Multicultural Victoria is a step along the way in succeeding with the vision of ECCV. Kenny is active in his Vietnamese community and has participated in the Dual Identity Leadership Program (DILP) which empowers young people to develop leadership potential.

    Kenny is a proud advocate of this great initiative which was driven by the Vietnamese Community of Australia – Victoria Chapter.

    He is currently the Secretary and Finance Director of the Alumni Committee 2020 under this leadership program.

    He has a strong vision for multicultural Victoria and wishes to:

    • Empower young people to take an active role in strengthening our multicultural state;
    • Promote culture and diversity;
    • Provide opportunities for young people to build a connection with their first-generation; and
    • Promote and foster leadership skills for young people.