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Mapping Australia’s Population

Don't miss this fabulous research resource. The Scanlon Foundation has been Mapping Australia's population for some years now and their findings are of great use to us and to others interested in the public responses to

FECCA’s Campaign to Reclaim Multiculturalism

Over 100 organisations support FECCA's multiculturalism campaign In a historical national campaign, over 100 key organisations and individuals across Australia have signed in support of “Reclaim Multiculturalism” statement which calls for urgent action for multiculturalism as a

EXCLUSIVE - new policy paper, Directions in 21st Century Diversity

The eccv has produced a Victorian state government submission that argues for changes to some existing policy and new policy initiatives for the state government leading up to the 2010 election. We are seeking a commitment

5 April 2010 Letter to the editor Herald Sun diversity in the MFB

Everyone has their own ideas on how to nurture diversity and why it is important.  The current fracas over the pre-employment training initiative of the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) presents a prime example.

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