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In May 2011 the Hon. David Davis, Minister for Ageing announced:

  • The SAP model has informed the development of the proposed Access & Support role to support the implementation of HACC Diversity Planning & Practice.
  • That the departmental review of SAP concluded that the model is viable and sustainable and recommended that it be extended to service a broader range of diverse communities. 

Download the Victorian Department of Health Evaluation of the Supported Access Pilot Project

Download the ECCV SAPP Project Review August 2010


The Supported Access Pilot Project (SAPP) is funded through the Victorian Home and Community Care (HACC) Program to support access for people from CALD backgrounds into and through HACC services.

Of the 8 pilots agencies, 7 are ethno-specific and 1 is multicultural. Each employs a bilingual Supported Access Worker. eccv and the Municipal Association of Victoria support the pilot through sector development.

Download an overview of supported access and contact details for each SAPP organisation. 

Aims of SAPP

  • To assist HACC eligible people, carers and families from CALD backgrounds to understand, access and negotiate the HACC service system. 
  • To provide specialist cultural knowledge, information and advice to generic agencies to assist in the development of culturally appropriate services.
  • To inform the development of a model that provides:
    •  an overarching framework for Supported Access within the service system
    • clarification of the Supported Access Role in service coordination, client practices and processes, and other areas identified through the pilot projects.


  • A significant number of people from CALD backgrounds do use HACC services. However, some people can require extra support, especially those that are not proficient in English
  • Understanding the impact a client’s cultural background has on service needs is critical for effective service delivery
  • Ethno-specific and multicultural agencies are in a strong position to assist generic agencies to respond to the special needs of their specific groups and individuals

Download a background document about how the Project developed, especially in relation to the HACC Assessment Framework

Click here for 2006 Census data of people aged 50+ from ethnic backgrounds in Victoria plus other resources on the MAV website

Information sheets for supported access pilots

 eccv policy documents and presentations related to SAPP

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