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Social Cohesion Policy BriefsAbout Social Cohesion Policy Briefs

ECCV’s social cohesion policy briefs are short snapshots from our roundtable discussions on social cohesion issues. They are not forums or education events.  Culturally diverse community members, leaders and service providers are invited to attend both open and closed discussions on what is an evolving and complex issue.

 To respond to the increasing rate of social change and also government policies on social cohesion, ECCV has developed a new way of consulting, analysing and sharing insights from each roundtable that give a voice to multicultural Victoria on issues that matter. We post our briefs online within two weeks.

The information is a combination of direct quotes from participants, policy analysis and human observation grounded in ECCV’s 41 years of consultation with multicultural Victorians. As quick-response briefs they provide timely advice to the Victorian Government and the community sector and empower Victoria’s multicultural community to have a voice on this issue. Selected papers are also published on Australian Policy Online.

Download Social Cohesion Policy Briefs: 

#1: Intergenerational Relationships

#2: Are we really living safe together? Part 1

#3: Are we really living safe together? Part 2 

#4: On the road with Australian Muslim mothers 

#5: The Cultural Ecology Of Trust - Melbourne’s Ethnic-Based Money Transfer Operators Struggle for Recognition

#6: Punishment as Prevention 5.0 

# 7: I can make a change, a rose by any other name: LGBTIQ and Faith Leadership

# 8: Losing the Plot

# 9: A Conversation about Community Harmony

# 10: A Conversation about Community Safety


Download Employment Policy Briefs: 

#1: "A Positive Disruption": Local Council HR Managers Want Diversity


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