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Community Capacity Building












Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria is delighted to be working with representatives from new and emerging communities to find ways to empower new and emerging community organisations.

Through a series of three capacity building sessions, community members and leaders enhanced their skills and knowledge on advocacy, the Australian political system, incorporation, governance, grant writing and communications and promotional skills.

ECCV, together with our partner organisations, Berry Street, Annecto, Leadership Victoria and Consumer Affairs Victoria, is pleased to share the resources from our Community Capacity Building Sessions for New and Emerging Communities with you.

Advocacy - Speaking Up For Me and My Community

Understanding the political system and the decision makers is an important first step to influencing government on issues that matter to you. This session familiarised participants with the Australian political system and advocacy skills.

Topic areas:

  • Understanding how democracy works
  • The Australian political system
  • Advocacy skills

Community Capacity Building








To view full presentation click here.

Business and financial sustainability - How to be taken seriously

Governments (local, state and federal) and funders look for organisations that are cohesive and truly represent their communities when they wish to consult and engage with community organisations.  This session focused on:

  • How to establish an incorporated association
  • Good governance practices
  • Grant writing

Community Capacity Building








Becoming an Incorporated Association: To View full presentation click here

Community Capacity Building








MyCAV for Incorporated Associations:
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Community Capacity Building








Introduction to Good Governance:
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Community Capacity Building





Grants Writing:
 To view full presentation click here.

Grants Writing Worksheet: Click here for the worksheet.


Further Reading and useful links:


Advocacy and promotion - How to be heard

Good communication and networking skills are important to promoting your organisation’s and community’s message and concerns.  This session focused on:

  • Communications (media, including use of social media)
  • Networking and influencing skills
  • Engaging community members 


Community Capacity Building







How to be Heard:
To view full presentation click here.

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