Drugs Task Force

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Drugs Task Force and ECCV was signed on 30 October 2007 and witnessed by Telmo Languiller MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs.

An evaluation of the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) Website and Information Services on which the ECCV Drugs Task Force acted as a reference group has prompted the development and integration of Multicultural information with the Drug info Website. Once completed the website’s aim is to be more relevant and accessible to CALD communities.  Through the Drugs Taskforce, ECCV is working closely with ADF to achieve those aims

The Drugs Task Force played a key role in supporting the East African Women’s Foundation in dealing with the issue of Khat usage and it’s impact on their community.

ECCV Deputy Chairperson Eddie Micallef represented the Drugs Taskforce in the ‘Khat Review Project 2008-2009’ advisory group to support the East African Women’s Foundation. Auspiced jointly by Victorian Multicultural Commission , Vic Health and Centre for Ethnicity & Health (CEH) and led by researcher, Associate Professor John Fitzgerald,  the group aims to advise on existing published and unpublished material, to identify issues to include within the research and to provide advice on the appropriate method to report findings of the research to affected communities.

Following the Khat Review Project report ECCV will continue to work closely with the CEH and ADF on further consultations with the affected communities.

Eddie Micallef
Deputy Chairperson ECCV


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