Aged Care Committee

ECCV has an active Aged Care Committee which meets regularly to input into ECCV’s policy development and advocacy efforts related to ageing and aged care issues.
Members include representatives from ethno-specific and multicultural aged care services and other key stakeholder groups.

The strategic focus of the 2011-2012 financial year is well reflected in our policy submissions: Dementia in NESB communities, the Aged Care Approval Rounds, HACC Diversity Planning and Practice and Participation of Victorian seniors. This has included the sub-committee establishment of a Diversity Working Group which has looked into diversity within diversity. Overall we have worked towards making aged services more culturally responsive.

An important part of this commitment has been our engagement with the Palliative Care Victoria Leadership Group regarding a Cultural Responsiveness Strategy in order to ensure that Palliative Care becomes more culturally inclusive.

For more information about the Aged Care Committee, please contact the Aged Care Policy Officer, Nikolaus Rittinghausen.


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