Policy subcommittees

One of our key roles is to develop policy positions on issues of concern to multicultural communities.

One way we do this is by convening a number of policy subcommittees that meet regularly and are chaired by a member of the ECCV executive with an interest in policy deliberations.

Function of the policy subcommittees

  • To provide a forum for ECCV member organisations and other organisations with a specific interest to meet and form policies around issues of concern to multicultural communities.
  • To play a crucial role in identifying emerging issues and providing a strong advocacy voice for ethnic communities.
  • To debate issues and develop a policy position as well as convene forums and conferences to develop awareness of the issues.

If you would like any further information on any of the policy subcommittees, please contact us.

Current ECCV policy subcommittees

Policy Subcommittee Chairpersons

Health & Well-being Policy subcommittee 

Emiliano Zucchi 

Aged Care Policy subcommittee

Marion Lau OAM JP

Employment, Education and Training

Sam Afra JP & Peter Mousaferiadis

Women's Policy subcommittee

Dr Helen Light AM & Cr Kris Pavlidis
New and Emerging Communities Policy subcommittee

Parsuram Sharma-Luital JP & Peter Mousaferiadis


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