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ECCV produces three newsletters:

  • Diversity in Focus - ECCV e-bulletin
  • Golden Years is a newsletter on ethnic and aged care issues produced by ECCV jointly supported by the Victorian and Australian Governments. 
  • Our Golden Years is a newsletter for multicultural older people produced by ECCV, jointly supported by the Victorian and Australian Governments.

Diversity in Focus - ECCV e-bulletin Archives

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30 June, 2016 Refugee Week, 19 - 25 June

2 March, 2015 Women Leading the Way 

27 January, 2015 Good Governance workshops

23 December, 2014 ECCV farewells EO Ross Barnett

9 December, 2014 ECCV welcomes new Government and Minister

28 October, 2014 Do you want to learn how to save energy and money?

16 September, 2014 Within My Walls film launch: Community education resource on elder abuse

26 August, 2014 ECCV celebrates 40 years of advocacy

7 July, 2014 ECCV is marking 40 years of advocacy and we would love for you to join us in our big celebration!

10 June, 2014 Are we there yet?: Searching for home in a globalised world

7 April, 2014 Work Solutions: Improving Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace policy discussion

4 March, 2014 Actors needed – Award rates

17 January, 2014 "Understanding the sexual health and well-being needs of CALD young people training"

17 December, 2013 "Multicultural health advocate elected Chairperson"

29 November, 2013 "Racism is not Free Speech"

15 November, 2013 "Interview with the Race Discrimination Commissioner"

29 October, 2013 "FECCA conference 2013 Breaking down barriers"

9 October, 2013 "Study on intergenerational issues in newly arrived communities" 

25 September, 2013 "The twists and turns of running groups"

9 September, 2013 "ECCV Capacity Building Forum - New and Emerging Communities"

15 August, 2013 "ECCV mentoring program for a more diverse media impresses abroad"

31 July, 2013 "Launch of palliative care project for multicultural communities" 

15 July, 2013 "What do we know? Sexual health, cultural diversity and young people
ECCV Forum Report 2013"

28 June, 2013 "Justice for Pensioners Rally"

17 June, 2013 "Community education resource kits on elder abuse prevention"

30 May, 2013 "Culturally Responsive Palliative Care Project"

14 May, 2013 "Strengthening CALD Communities to educate family violence, justice and protection services"

23 April, 2013 "ECCV Forum on improving cultural diversity in the workplace"

3 April, 2013 "ECCV has presented three new submissions"

15 February, 2013 "Equal Remuneration Order payments and implications - how will your organisation manage?"

27 February, 2013 "ECCV affirms Victoria's multicultural success"

25 January, 2013 "Participation for CALD seniors grants program"

21 December, 2012 "ECCV wishes all members and stakeholders a safe and restful holiday season"

6 December, 2012 "Victoria's Multicultural Identity: A Day of Exploration"

25 October, 2012 "ECCV recommends diversion framework be introduced"

11 October, 2012 "ECCV conference panellists announced"

27 September, 2012 "ECCV Launches Media Mentoring Program"

12 September 2012 "ECCV State Conference Registrations Open"

2 August 2012 "ECCV to launch Health Literacy Paper"

17 July 2012 "Australian of the Year Nominations Open"

27 June 2012 "Walter Lippmann Memorial Lecture Tonight"

23 May 2012 "Hope in Settlement - A Creative Refugee Week Performance"

8 May 2012 "ECCV 2012 State and Federal Budget Highlights for Diverse Communities"

24 April 2012 "Anzac Day Remembered by Multicultural Australians"

30 March 2012 "ABC Mental Health Forum A Huge Success"

14 March 2012 "International Women's Day highlights the achievements of culturally diverse women"

24 February 2012 "Aged Care Trend Briefing and Ministerial Visit"

8 February 2012 "ECCV Will Run Two Major Seniors Empowerment Projects"

20 January 2012 "Happy Australia Day and Chinese New Year from ECCV"

20 December 2011 "Happy Holidays from ECCV"

24 November 2011 "Former Mayor of Moreland to Lead Victoria's Multicultural Communities"

9 November 2011 "ECCV Presents New Aged Care and Media Strategies at the FECCA Conference"

4 October 2011 "ECCV Deputy Chairperson Marion Lau Meets Queen Elizabeth at Parliament House"

22 September 2011 "ECCV Welcomes Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser as Patron"

5 September 2011 “ECCV Congratulates New VMC Commissioners”  

28 August “Awareness of Incontinence in Ethnic Communities Report Launched”

8 August  2011 “ECCV launches Refugees in Regional Victoria: Implications for Regional Health Care Services”  

27 July 2011, “World Vision CEO Tim Costello tells audience there is a future for multiculturalism”


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