Labor commits to multiculturalism

ECCV is pleased to see the Labor Party's commitment to preserving and strengthening Victoria's multiculturalism.

The organisation looks forward to working with the new Victorian Government to implement their commitments to culturally and linguistically diverse communities, including new and emerging communities, and the more established communities.

The ECCV welcomes newly announced Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Robin Scott.

As part of the Victorian Labor Platform 2014 (page 80), the party committed to:

Multicultural Communities

Labor strongly believes that all Victorians are beneficiaries of multiculturalism and this diversity strengthens the fabric of the Victorian community.

Labor will promote:

  • A public understanding of cultural and religious diversity as a means to a socially cohesive Victoria
  • A no tolerance approach to racism in Victoria together with respect for the values of the broader community
  • A whole-of-Government approach to the participation and inclusion of all Australians from all cultural backgrounds in all areas of society in Victoria
  • The public benefits of cultural diversity towards an economically and socially strong State for all Victorians

Labor recognises the need to support communities in rural and regional Victoria through secondary settlement assistance, to help them access employment and services.

Labor is committed to an inclusive Victoria, where all Victorians have the opportunity to engage as active citizens within their community. Labor is committed to supporting and enhancing various language programs, alongside the promotion of community cultural projects.

Labor believes that all Victorians should enjoy equality in their access to services, regardless of their cultural, linguistic, ethnic or religious backgrounds. Labor is committed to strengthening the provision of translation and interpretation services for new and existing language groups and reinstating funding for local government translating and interpreting services.

Labor will:

  • Enhance the employment opportunities for Victorians from CALD backgrounds
  • Strengthen employment-related education and training schemes and work with the Federal Government to promote recognition of overseas qualifications
  • Fund English as a second language (ESL) assistance to newly arrived Australians and refugees in school communities
  • Labor is also committed to increasing support for seniors from CALD backgrounds.

Labor will:

  • Strengthen community engagement projects and promote language and digital literacy training programs
  • Assist isolated CALD elderly people to connect with their communities through use of computers (through public/private partnership)
  • Make it a priority to assist with the funding of multicultural senior citizens club events through the Victorian Multicultural Commission

Labor believes that Government should engage with multicultural and multi-faith communities to strengthen cultural and religious cohesion in Victoria.

Labor will:

  • Support Victoria’s many vibrant multicultural festivals and events
  • Support Languages Other Than English programs and develop better pathways for the broader community to learn community languages
  • Strengthen new and emerging CALD communities with targeted community infrastructure projects
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