Emerging Ageing Communities Partnerships Forum

The Emerging Ageing Communities Partnerships Forum, held in December was organised to provide emerging ageing community organisations with the necessary information to apply for the Federal Aged Care Funding- the Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) in 2015.

The forum need was identified as a result of work being undertaken by Outcomes Plus.

The objective of the forum is consistent with the Department of Social Services-funded capacity building project being undertaken by Outcomes Plus, which is to identify barriers to culturally and linguistically diverse community participation and produce resource materials and strategies that will support and build the capacity of culturally and linguistically diverse communities to meet their emerging aged care needs.


ECCV identified this target group of communities’ based on the Discussion Paper Building New Bridges - Strategies for Healthy Ageing in New and Emerging Communities.


This forum, part of the Futures Project, was targeted at ethno-specific organisations that may need to consider forming an alliance or partnership in order to be successful for this funding round.


These organisations share common characteristics and have communities’ which have experienced a significant increase in their aged population, especially the age group 55-64 and will continue to grow in the future. They may also lack the capacity, resource and experience to apply for this funding individually.


The forum provides for a strengthened community sector by enabling the creation of nurturing of open and transparent relationships.


ECCV aims to provide these opportunities for organisations to receive important information and opportunities to discuss partnership models with other ethno-specific organisations that also have ‘emerging ageing communities’.

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