Elder abuse awareness resources in Chinese

Elder abuse is any act that harms older people and that is carried out by someone they know and should be able to trust such as family or friends. Such harm can be financial, physical, sexual, emotional or psychological, including mistreatment or neglect. This ECCV project aims to increase awareness of elder abuse in a range culturally diverse communities. ECCV has worked in collaboration with ethnic and multicultural organisations, community leaders and Seniors Rights Victoria to develop the below resources along with culturally appropriate messages about elder abuse, its prevention and pathways to support.

The following in-language resources for the Chinese-speaking community have been developed:

  • Chinese-speaking community resource kit on elder abuse prevention Download
  • Dignity & respect for seniors brochure Download
  • Case Study: Interview with Cohealth client who experienced elder abuse - Cantonese - Click here

  • Within My Walls information clip in Mandarin (view above or here)
  • Mei-Hua's story in Mandarin (view here)
  • Mara and Nick's story in Mandarin (view here)
  • Con's story in Mandarin (view here)
  • Erlinda's story in Mandarin (view here)

  • Within My Walls information clip in Cantonese (view above or here)
  • Mei-Hua's story in Cantonese (view here)
  • Mara and Nick's story in Cantonese (view here)
  • Con's Story in Cantonese (view here)
  • Erlinda's story in Cantonese (view here)'
  • Clips in Cantonese with Mandarin subtitles (view here)


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