ECCV meets with Malcolm Fraser

ECCV meets with Malcolm FraserNew Chairperson Eddie Micallef, ECCV Executive Director Ross Barnett and FECCA Chairperson Joe Caputo OAM JP, met with ECCV Patron Malcolm Fraser on Monday 16 December. 

Mr Fraser, former Prime Minister (1975-1983) has been a long term supporter of multiculturalism and a passionate human rights advocate, having been awarded the Human Rights Medal in 2000.

At the meeting Mr Fraser spoke about his upcoming new book in which he spells out his view on the decisions Australia faces if it wants to take its proper place in the world.

In further discussions, the new federal government’s crack-down on asylum seekers was high on the agenda as was how the ECCV can strengthen its advocacy role to prevent regressive changes to the federal Racial Discrimination Act threatened by the Attorney-General.

ECCV is delighted that Mr Fraser has agreed to take part in ECCV’s 40th anniversary celebrations scheduled to take place throughout 2014.

ECCV meets with Malcolm Fraser 

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