FECCA and ECCV jointly welcome the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence

The release of the Terms of Reference for the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence was welcomed today by the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils’ of Australia (FECCA) and the Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV).

FECCA Chair Joseph Caputo said “FECCA welcomes the leadership shown by the Victorian Government to investigate the urgent crisis of family violence”.

Eddie Micallef, ECCV chairperson went on to say "this Royal Commission will help empower family violence victims from culturally diverse backgrounds, and will ensure that mothers, sisters, children and friends are safe and free to reach their full potential in society".

“ECCV hopes that the ‘nothing is off the table’ approach announced by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will examine the high rates of culturally and linguistically diverse women’s experiences with family violence and the cultural and social barriers to reporting.”

FECCA and ECCV community consultations have highlighted that many culturally and linguistically diverse women are often disadvantaged by language barriers, low levels of literacy, limited familiarity with Australian social values and laws, limited awareness of their rights, and in many cases, lack of access to information, family supports and networks.

FECCA and ECCV call on the other states and territories to enhance their efforts to address this serious issue that can impact so dramatically on families and communities.

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