Letter to the HERALD SUN - 6 May

The release of a new study* by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) should give an impetus to a change of thinking about how we define the “successful” resettlement of Humanitarian entrants. Yet HERALD SUN writer,

8 February 2011—The gift Australia’s multicultural triumph affords

It’s a policy that has sparked no end of controversy and ill-informed conjecture since its introduction.  Yet few among even its harshest critics dispute its benefits and most would like to see them retained. No, I’m

5 April 2010 Letter to the editor Herald

Everyone has their own ideas on how to nurture diversity and why it is important.  The current fracas over the pre-employment training initiative of the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) presents a prime example.

Letter to the Editor The Age 18 March

It’s always disturbing to hear of Victorians feeling marginalised, persecuted, and exploited for things as trivial as physical attributes, choice of attire, pattern of speech, lifestyle preference or societal affiliation. But there is a something particularly

Letter to the editor The Age 10 January

Parents, educators and community leaders are right to be outraged when a popular social networking site like Facebook is used for racist and derogatory comments targeting various migrant groups and non-English speakers. Because it shows a

Letter to the Editor The Age 19 January

Unless we make the decision to welcome everybody to Australia and accept that there are differences but, as long as people settle here and obey the law and accept that diverse views, diverse ways of thinking

Letter Published In The Age 3 July 2008

Sam Afra, Chairperson, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, Carlton DAVID Imber raised many valid points on the challenges faced by low-income renters (Comment & Debate, 1/7). However, an extra hierarchy of vulnerability exists among this disadvantaged

Letter Published In The Age 30 April 2008

Teach Instead Of Test By Peter Van Vliet Let's offer refugees classes about their new home rather than exams. The effect of the former Howard government's higher-level citizenship test has been absolutely as predicted: educated skilled

Letter Published In The Herald Sun 7 February

Sam Afra, Chairman, ECCV Focussing on the views of residents of one suburb (Migrant Mix Not Right, 5/2/08) may not reflect the wider Victorian community which generally supports cultural diversity. Some individual areas may also attract

Letter Published In The Age 26 January 2008

Sam Afra, Chairman, ECCV In commemorating Australia day, Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) celebrates the cultural and linguistic diversity that our vibrant multicultural society has been built upon, including the important place of the traditional

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