The Business of Multiculturalism Forum

The forum explored key multicultural issues and helped to connect businesses, government and diverse communities, by showcasing examples of inspirational practice and innovative solutions.

The Cultural Diversity Week Event was hosted by ECCV and Polaron Language Services and took place on March 24th at Russell Kennedy Lawyers in Melbourne CBD. It was aimed at enhancing scope for engagement, partnering & sustainability by connecting the commercial and community sectors in Victoria.  The project was aimed at ensuring organisations are aware of the importance of the changes in the not-for-profit sector, moving towards a market oriented sector and adopting new approaches to operating.  As well as providing the necessary avenues for building skill sets and opportunities for training to support volunteer driven, ethno-specific and multicultural organisations to become more sustainable.

Forum Visual Report including graphic recordings by Leenie Fabri and photography by Gabrielle Rukas 

Strategic Objectives:  

  1. To start a conversation on the challenges business, government and non-for-profit organisations face when working with the culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Victoria
  2. To identify innovations and technological advancements transforming the delivery of services and recruitment of employees from diverse backgrounds
  3. To explore the themes of multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion and what they mean in today’s world
  4. To enable participants from all sectors to take ideas back to their businesses and organisations

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