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Aged Care for Ethnic Seniors

Almost a third of the Victorian population 65 and over is from a non-English speaking background. In the age group between 75 and 84, 33% of seniors are from an ethnic background (ABS, 2011 Census).

Currently the largest ethnic groups 65 and over are of Italian, Greek, German, Dutch and Maltese origin. Ethnic communities that are starting to age in large numbers are Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, and Sri Lankan.

ECCV represents a common voice for ethnic and multicultural communities. Our member-driven Aged Care Policy Sub-Committee provides input for ECCV's development of policy and advocacy. 

ECCV, in conjunction with its federal body, FECCA, has successfully lobbied Government to implement a National Cultural Diversity in Ageing Strategy.

Our aged care newsletters, Golden Years and Our Golden Years, showcase culturally responsive activities to ethno-specific agencies, service providers and ethnic seniors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your concerns regarding ageing and aged care issues of ethnic seniors (contact details below).

Key aged care issues ECCV is currently focusing on include:

Aged Care Team


Nikolaus RittinghausenPolicy Officer Aged Care
Gabriele RukasSectoral Development Officer


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